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Companies with their business application experience increase in revenue and rise in customer conversion more than others. If you are running a business, you may have once or twice thought of getting a mobile app for your business. This is when Sveltetech comes into play, we are here to meet such requirements for your business by delivering innovative apps, products as well as services to skyrocket your business efficiency and revenue.

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Your Network Security is Your Right, Do it the Right Way!

Web-borne threats are rising every day in this internet era. Organizations now consider the very real risk to their reputation, data, and bottom line and want to take the right security measures. To solve this crucial need for network security, Sveltetech develops a unified network security gateway to prevent your network and data from being compromised by offering cybersecurity, onsite support, core infrastructure setup, and more.

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Improving Social Media Visibility Means Gaining Customers with a Buzz!

Social media management is a crucial part of your business marketing strategy. It helps you create buzz around your brand and your products. About 90% of marketers confirmed that social media created massive exposure for their company. Knowing this fact Sveltetech social media experts utilize all the latest tools to improve your brand awareness, improve search ranking, and gain better marketplace insight.


We at Sveltetech offers cutting-edge services to ensure you attain your business goals and objectives in an efficient and timely manner.


Our Products

  • C-View IPDR
    C-View IPDR analytical system offers various cutting-edge features that make it stand out of the crowd.
  • C-View Secure Communication Application
    Surya is a super-fast and simple messaging app with focus on security as it is highly encrypted.
  • C-View Satellite Image Annotation
    Annotating an image is the process of adding information to the image.
  • C-View Border Surveillance System
    Sveltetech has gained proficiency in the border surveillance field by developing COFI border surveillance system with complete AI integrated command, control communicate and compute (C4) centre.
  • C-View Media Analytics
    This is a single platform for all news mediums across Print/Web/ Social Media/ Television.

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