C-View IPDR is an innovative data analytical system that simplifies your task and churn out results within 3 simple steps, which includes uploading, processing and analysing. This tool possesses various cutting-edge features that make it stand out of the crowd. It helps you to get the relevant data out of the millions of data records in a blink of an eye. A thorough analysis of the target’s activities can be done in an effective and efficient manner. With the help of this tool, you can process multiple IPDR’s of multiple targets and get a common pattern analysis between the targets. More than 65 application logics have been integrated into this single system and scrutiny of number of different IMEI numbers used to access the internet can be done within seconds. Timeline analysis is another major feature that shows you the total traffic of subscriber on the internet per day.

C-View Secure Communication Application

Surya is a super-fast, simple and free messaging app with focus on security as it is highly encrypted. It allows you to access your chats as well as group chats on all your IOS and android devices across any number of your mobile, and tablets. Any type of messages, photos, videos and files of any format (doc, zip, mp3, etc) can be send through this app. Secure your communication including voice and video calls with end-to-end privacy & high-level data encryption. Surya has no limits on the size of your chats and media. In addition to this, you can write to your Surya app contacts and find people by their usernames and numbers. We ensure you that your messages, media and any information you share on your chats are safe from hacker attacks.

C-View Satellite Image Annotation

Annotating an image is the process of adding information to the image. Added information can take many forms including labels for objects, tags describing the semantic content of the image, or segmented and labelled regions. COFYSAT churn more out of satellite imagery with detailed information on your fingertips. Its annotated images help computers and machines easily recognize the object through the dimension and outlined boxes feeding the data for future reference while recognizing similar objects. It can annotate the satellite images using various image annotation techniques to generate datasets for machine learning models with the best accuracy level in delivering excellence in image annotation through multiple stages of auditing and reviewing of labelled data.

C-View Border Surveillance System

Sveltetech has gained proficiency in the border surveillance field by developing COFI border surveillance system with complete AI integrated command, control communicate and compute (C4) centre. This system possesses various amazing features like object detection, template matching, alerts, panorama, self-learning system, ground vehicle alert, distinguish between authorized and unauthorized individual, and combined imagery. It has a robust sensor system attached to it that can work in extreme environment powered by solar wind and other energy sources. No matter your primary targets are small boats on water, or people passing by the borders on foot, COFI’s high performance radars and cameras can send you the early threat assessment and warning you need to respond effectively and efficiently.

C-View Media Analytics

This is a single platform for all news mediums across Print / Web / Social Media / Television. It controls media intelligence, data analytics, communications and can be viewed on any resolution including Desktop and Mobile App. It is easy and simple to use and even downloading reports can be done by standard or customised templates. It can also measure and compare the impact of media on the sentiments of public. You can also check what topic is trending across which city, across which medium. Moreover, analysis of each journalist / publication / handle / TV channel; their topics, their tonality, their targets, their blind spots, their inclinations can be analyzed with this tool. Here you can create a national grid of influencers, separately for each medium to track what and how many editions they write, and what was their final impact.